Dennis Metcalf


This month’s featured employee, Dennis Metcalf, works as the Key Account Manager for Royal Talens’ Western US Territory. Dennis and Kyle sat down this week to discuss Dennis’s extensive career, his art, and what he loves about working at RTNA.

You were one of the first employees hired by Royal Talens North America (RTNA), what was that experience like in the beginning?

I have been involved with start up companies before, but never on such a tight time frame. Thankfully, all involved in this very complicated transition worked well together and we were able to pull it off and open on schedule.

What is your role here?

My role is that of Key Account Manager for our Western US Territory. I also participate in various shows and programs where my specialties and talents can be useful.

Where did you work prior to RTNA & what did you do there?

My career in the Art Materials Industry spans over three decades. I spent eight years with Standard Brands Paint Company and The Art Stores in Southern California as a Senior Buyer, then District Manager for The Art Stores. I then spent sixteen years as a General Manager for MacPherson’s, mostly in Chicago, helping to grow their Midwest and Eastern territory. From there I went to Pebeo Inc as US Director of Sales, where I worked for twelve years. It was while selling and demonstrating their products that I developed a passion for Mixed-media painting. I was fortunate during this time to be able to connect with Kyle Richardson of Royal Talens North America at the very point of his starting up the North American Branch, and help with the establishment of this company.

What is your favorite aspect of working here?

Two things: The Art, and the People.

What is your favorite Royal Talens product?

Royal Talens has so many different and unique products

that I am still exploring. I must say I really like the Ecoline liquid watercolors and new brush pens for quick layout work, but I am also sold on the Amsterdam acrylics and mediums with the artwork I do.

How do you spend your time away from work?

I enjoy spending time with family first and foremost. After that its all about art, fly fishing and the outdoors. I also enjoy music of many different genres.

If gifted an all-expenses paid trip, describe your dream vacation.

This is a tough one… I guess it would have to be a gorgeous and somewhat secluded location in the mountains or near the ocean, with close family, where I could paint, fish, and maybe catch a little Santana or some good blues in the evenings…

You can learn more about Dennis and his professional artwork at his personal website: