Binders Art Supplies and Frames

“Binders was one of the first accounts I ever interacted with in this industry (a million years ago when working as the Product Manager at Kolo) and is an account I still happily call on as Vice President of Royal Talens North America.  Having known this team for so many years, there are a few things that set them apart and give me and my team here inspiration.

Binders has a true leader in Howard Krinsky who believes in his team, and whose team believes in his vision.  He is constantly working to evolve and adapt, as well as to ensure that he is serving his staff and helping them grow.  You’ll know this when you meet the incredibly dedicated and talented crew they have. To the Binders team it is more than just clocking in for a job, it is more important than retail or art materials, it is about the community that they serve and nurture through unique and meaningful in-store experiences.

Binders is a prime example of an organization whose vision aligns with ours here at Royal Talens. This type of leadership, community engagement, retail experience focus and dynamic team will see Binder’s through anything the economy or technology can throw at them. I’m happy to call them a true partner to our company as well as very good friends.” – Kyle Richardson, Vice President, Royal Talens North America

From Howard Krinksy, President, Binders Art Supplies and Frames

Binders was started in Atlanta in 1955. My father (Moe) and Uncle (Joe) were successful tavern owners for a few years and both had poured plenty of beer. Successful, they were looking to invest some extra dough. So, they purchased a little frame and gift store called Binders from the Binders family. So now at long last, the secret of where our name came from is revealed. Had the family name been the Art family, it would have been a bit easier to explain through the years.  After a few years, the brothers put in art supplies and subsequently that became the primary focus of the business.

Today Binders consist of three stores: One in Charlotte, NC and two in Atlanta, GA. I currently own and run Binders. I’ve been working in Binders since 1982.  I learned everything I could possibly learn about the business over a long tenure.  What I have learned most, is that nothing is ever the same. Today that echoes louder than ever before. We pride ourselves on customer service and a knowledgeable floor staff. Some of our Binders associates have worked at Binders for over 25 years. Today’s business climate demands that when a customer walks into Binders they get the service and answers that they need. We provide classroom space for art instruction and art workshops. In addition, we have two art galleries in our store providing exposure for many of our local talented artists.

Royal Talens remains an integral strategic partner in our business. They have always been willing partners to help retailers like us in any way that they can. Amsterdam Acrylics is one of our top selling Acrylics. Rembrandt oils have been a staple and trusted oil line for years. Along with the inks, the new Ecoline brush markers are currently hot.