Jerry’s Artist Outlet

Jerry’s Artist Outlet - We are more than just an art store!

Our first Featured Retailer is Jerry’s Artist Outlet in West Orange, New Jersey.


Jerry’s Artist Outlet is the premiere artist supply store in the New Jersey/Metropolitan area. This family-run retailer works very hard to have the most unique and interesting fine art products for their customers, and continuously strive to provide the best possible service. They attribute much of their success to great relationships with their important vendors.

Royal Talens and Jerry’s Artist Outlet have always had a superior relationship. Whether working with Amsterdam Acrylics, Rembrandt or Van Gogh brands in oil or pastels, the Jerry’s team knows that the quality of the Royal Talens materials are always top notch- at any experience level.

Special in-store events with Artist Ambassadors from Royal Talens have proven to be extraordinary, and any time Jerry’s hosts a workshop, class or demo supported by Royal Talens, they find Royal Talens to be generous with their product and with the talented artists that they offer to educate the community.

Jerry’s Artist Outlet and Royal Talens are a great match: great product and great education from Royal Talens, coupled with great selection and service from Jerry’s.