Meininger's Art Supply

“As a Key Account Manager for Royal Talens, I see many of the top retailers in the country.  Meininger’s stands out as one of the most successful independents in our industry. In today’s market laced with internet options, smart, successful retailers must be creative and passionate about what they do. 

When approached by Royal Talens with the idea of teaming up to promote the new independent animated film ‘Loving Vincent’, they were quick to seize the opportunity. Working in conjunction with Royal Talens, an artist who worked on the film, the marketing company for the film, and the local art community itself- Meininger’s was able to show their passion for what they do best- creating something unique for their loyal customer base and the Denver art community while bringing Van Gogh paints to life.

The final experience and product promotion brought their key customers something that they cannot get through the internet- a lasting and unique experience- which is why they  continue to support this stand-out retailer that has been in business since 1881!” – Dennis Metcalf, Key Account Manager

From Meininger’s: We are incredibly fortunate to be an art material retailer that has ties to our surrounding communities.  Our customers are artists who are recognized, new creatives and, or practiced.  We are in the mindset and business of supporting creativity.  Yes, we sell tools of the trade but we are in it for passing on the act of making, being your own person in any attempt to create and make.

Meininger Art Supply is proud to have its doors open since 1881.  Today, we have added 2 more stores in Colorado Springs and, most recently in Boulder.  Customer service is our forte.   Our creative staff, combined, has experience and knowledge to share with our customers.

We are confident in, and proud of our products and bring in new, unique tools to offer amongst the thousands of essential materials that are key to building a creative practice.  We believe that art is a key and influential factor in anyone’s day-to-day life.

Recently, we hosted one of the “Loving Vincent” film artists to do a live painting (of one of the movie’s scenes) for the innovative movie’s premier in Denver.  It was an exciting day with the presence of Royal Talens and local painter, Dena Peterson, who was chosen to be one of a team of 125 artists.  Royal Talens has been a key brand in Meininger’s for years and is a mainstay and favorite amongst our clientele.