See you at NAMTA 2019!

Back in Texas, yeehaw!

We're excited to welcome you all to NAMTA 2019 in San Antonio, TX.  Royal Talens North America will have a new version of our award winning booth this year at location 911.  

We have two major announcements at the booth this year.  

First is the Year of Rembrandt.  To Celebrate the 120th anniversary of the brand Rembrandt, as well as the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt Van Rijn's death, we have partnered with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to kick off a year long campaign with our retailer partners, introducing new products and educational programs.  We have also arranged a world-wide art contest, juried by the Rijksmuseum in which 12 artists will be selected as finalists, including a trip to the Netherlands, tours of Amsterdam and our factory, masterclasses and dinner at the Rijksmuseum alongside their winning artwork.  It's a once in a lifetime event and we're pulling out all the stops, even to include a $3500 limited edition set of all Rembrandt Oil Colors.

Our major product extension this year will certainly be Van Gogh watercolors.  This range will be expanded to 72 colors, including a reformulation of some of the core, existing colors to improve the entire line.  Along with this, there are colorway sets and new, unique colors, such as dusk colors, interference colors and metallic colors.  We have to ask ourselves if this range is becoming not an artist grade range, but a professional grade range.  Then we see the price and realize that while it will impress like a professional range, it is priced right for the studio artist.

We are also extending the range of Amsterdam Acrylic inks in new colors and sizes, and adding a pouring medium to the range, a heavily requested addition!

You'll find a targeted assortment of surfaces added to the lines, under each brand, from Talens Art Creations in pads, blocks and impressive journals, to Rembrandt watercolor and pastel papers.  We now have the support in surfaces that work to create a brand story about the colors and will help on seasonal endcaps and bundles to drive more paint sales.

We'll save the rest for those who see us at the show, we are looking forward to seeing y'all in San Antonio!

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