Part I: Ecoline at Parsons

One of the most rewarding parts of my work as Art Education Director for Royal Talens North America is when I have the opportunity to visit the classroom and engage with students. Their enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity are always inspirational. I especially enjoy seeing how they put what they have learned into their own work, and the uniqueness of their individual expression.

Recently I visited a group of students attending the Parsons School of Design in an Integrative Studio Fashion class taught by Wennie Huang. After giving my lecture on the history, composition, and application of watercolors using Ecoline Liquid Watercolors and Brush Pens, Wennie had the class experiment with the materials for about 20 minutes on their own. She then paired them up and gave them another 20 minutes to quickly design jewelry with the materials left over from other projects along with their experimentations with the Ecoline. Their resulting work was playful, imaginative and purely impressive.

The potential of materials like Ecoline in the hands of artists, both beginners and professionals alike, is simply limitless. Just when you think you’ve exhausted the opportunities for exploration, someone comes along and shows you that there is always another door to creative discovery. - Jeff Olson, Art Education Director

Students experimenting with Ecoline liquid watercolors for 20 minutes

Students creating jewlery from leftover project materials and Ecoline experiments for 20 minutes